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The Black Hills are located in western South Dakota. The area is well known for Mt. Rushmore as well as Deadwood, a legendary gold mining town in the Black Hills that the Lakota referred to as Paha Sápa giving the illusion of black. In 1874 a military expedition led by General George Armstrong Custer entered the Black Hills. It was during this time when gold was discovered in the area, when settlers were rushing to the Black hills seeking to strike it rich in the new goldfields. In 1878 Along with the settlers was an artist and jeweler who after buying raw gold from the prospectors would create a new and exquisite jewelry that ultimately became the tradition and style of Black Hills Gold. This tradition and style has lasted for generation and is still alive and popular today.

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In 1950 Gypsies traveling through the Black Hills started a legend which says, "To one who wears the Black Hills Gold, good luck and fortune will unfold." In 1982 the first Black Hills Gold and Silver was created, they used the Black Hills Gold leaf design fashioned in .925 Silver. In 1983 the supreme court ruled that Black Hills Gold would have to be produced in the Black Hills of South Dakota in order to use the name Black Hills Gold. This was settled in the case Black Hills Jewelry Mfg. v. Felco Jewel Ind. Original Black Hills Gold is a unique American art form created the way it was originally made... by hand. No two pieces are alike.

Black Hills Gold is a style, a trademark, a tradition of jewelry incorporating a basic design of wild grape clusters with vines and leaves of pink, green and yellow. These three colors of gold are created by mixing copper or silver with gold bullion. The design is still used today and has worldwide recognition and popularity. Owners of Black Hills Gold jewelry usually have a collection of several pieces and often think of it as a keepsake. Thousands of items from all four brands. The brands we carry are Landstrom's, Mt. Rushmore Gold, Stamper and Gold Diggers. We have a wide selection of Black Hills Gold Jewelry and Diamonds.

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