Why you should consider buying Black Hills Gold at Berg Jewelry & Gifts in Deadwood

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The Black Hills hold a majestic beauty that visitors from all over the world come to see. One of the must-see landmarks is Mt. Rushmore, the monument is in Keystone, SD and draws over two million visitors annually. The history of the Black Hills does not stop there as many cities in the Black Hills have a fascinating history. Hill City is the oldest established city in the Black Hills and is called the “Heart of the Hills” because its geographically centered in the Black Hills. Custer, SD was the first city in the Black Hills where gold was discovered during the Black Hills Expedition that was led by Custer.

After the discovery of gold in Lead, SD it was known as a “Bonanza”. The mine quickly became the largest gold mine in the western hemisphere. While mining lead to riches there was a small camp established in Deadwood, SD where the history of Black Hills Gold was born. Black Hills Gold was created and manufactured in Deadwood, SD and is its original birthplace. The reason to buy Black hills Gold in Deadwood is because of the history of its origins and the knowledgeable staff at Berg Jewelry.

Black Hills Gold is now known as the official State Jewelry of South Dakota, but its legend was birthed in the small camp called Deadwood. Today the gold and silver that make Black Hills Gold is still mined near Lead, SD and is manufactured in Rapid City, SD.

Here at Berg Jewelry, we have an experienced staff that is very knowledgeable about the entire history of Black Hills Gold and have worked in the Black Hills Gold industry for over 20 years. We can identify any piece of Black Hills Gold produced since 1878 when it was first manufactured here in Deadwood. Our staff has worked in a Black Hills Gold factory and can go into extensive detail on the different brand offing’s. We also offer the best choice for any budget since we were the first to carry all the Black Hills Gold brands. We also have the largest selection of Black Hills Gold in the nation and are national leaders in the Black Hills Gold Retail industry.

Choosing to buy your Black Hills Gold in Deadwood at Berg Jewelry you will be receiving world class customer service with a knowable staff, great prices and from the original birthplace of Black Hills Gold Jewelry.

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