South Dakota History

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Offers a chronological timeline of milestones in South Dakota history, events, and important dates. About 900 CE Earth lodges in villages, this ancestors of this Mandan, Arikara, and Hidatsa tribes start to plant sunflowers and corn to supplement their hunting practices. Learn about the 50 States background and legacy in addition to facts and history, geography, timeline, culture, history firsts, and people. Was added as part of the Louisiana Purchase into the US in 1803. The first American settlement was established in 1804 by the Lewis and Clark expedition at Fort Pierre. Since a number of the land was granted to the tribe by a previous treaty white settlement of the territory from the 1800 led with the Sioux. 

The territory was incorporated into the marriage Nov 2, 1889, along with North Dakota. Seventeenth Century South Dakota History Timeline - 1683 - Le Sueur could have visited Sioux Falls to buy flatboat to ships furs into the Mississippi's mouth. Eighteenth Century South Dakota History Timeline - 1700 - From around it tools from Europe, knives, beads, and time turned on the plains. Horses traded from the west and, afterwards, guns from the east life in Dakota. 1743 - The LaVerendrye Brothers, exploring for France, eventually become the first white men to leave evidence of their presence in South Dakota. 

They bury a lead plate on a hill on this west bank of this Missouri River near present day Fort Pierre into claim this area for France. 1745 - De Lusigan visits Big Stone Lake into call in unlicensed traders. 1750 - Teton Sioux at about it date, having driven Omaha out of Big Sioux and James River valleys, reached Missouri River and engaged Ree from 40 years war. 1760 - The Sioux Indians, having been pushed out of Minnesota with this Chippewa, first reach this Missouri River. On their way into this Missouri, this Sioux drove this Omaha Indians out of this Big Sioux and James River valleys. 

Sioux arrival in the Missouri lit a long war with this Arikara for control of this Missouri Valley in central South Dakota. 1775 - Oglala Teton find Black Hills and shortly later drive Kiowa from that region. 1780 - Yankton and Yanktonais Sioux, around it date, having been driven out of western Iowa with Oto, came up and settled from James River Valley. 1785 - Pierre Dorian, afterwards guide into Lewis and Clark, married a Yankton woman and settled from trade at mouth of James River. 1792 -Joseph Garreau settles with this Ree Indians in Little Bend of the Missouri. 

1794 -. The Sioux war with this Arikara comes to an end around 1794, with this Sioux driving this Arikara out of central South Dakota. Jean Baptiste Trudeau establishes trading company - 1796 - Director Loisel builds post on Cedar Island, between Pierre and Big Bend. 19th Century South Dakota History Timeline - 1802 - Loisel, a French trader, built a fur trading post near this mouth of Chapelle Creek on an island.

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