Cleaning Black Hills Gold & Silver Jewelry

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Don't leave your Black Hills Gold jewelry sitting in a drawer. Sterling silver may tarnish when it's left out, light and oxygen will tarnish it. Products like bleach & nail polish remover will also have a terrible effect on your sterling silver jewelry. Since you're able to clean that off easily, but it isn't over for those pieces. Many cleaning techniques & products are available on the market today.

Many cleaning solutions are sold in regular stores, you just put the jewelry in the little container filled with a special cleaning solution, close it up & shake it a bit.
Many jewelers add a darkening solution onto the jewelry which gives it an antique look by turning the incursions black & it shows all the details of the piece a lot better. Cleaning cloths are a good alternative, just rub the black hills gold jewelry & it will turn nice & clean again. 

Only problem is you may not be able to rub in certain areas depending upon how a piece is made. Numerous type of cleaning materials can be found. Never leave your Black Hills Gold Jewelry in a cleaning solution for more then 10 sec. It will burn the leaves. Its best to dip it and rinse it well under tap water then dry with cloth.

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