Does Black Hills Gold tarnish?

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Will black hills gold tarnish?

The answer is all jewelry will tarnish except for pure 24k gold. Here in the US we do not really have 24k gold jewelry being produced in large quantities due to the nature of pure gold being very soft and the price of gold currently.

What Karat is Black Hills Gold?

Black Hills Gold is produced using 10k gold. 10k gold will tarnish faster then 14k, 18k, 24k but 10k is more durable then all the higher karats. 14k which is the standard karat being used in today's main stream jewelry lines is softer and has a greater chance for the band or prongs to bend on a ring then 10k does.

But Landstrom's®  has developed a unique process when they craft their black hills gold that the large jewelry manufactures could learn from.

Landstrom's® original black hills gold developed a process in which the base of the jewelry is 10k for the strength and then the 10k gold is dipped in a 24k liquid gold bath for the non tarnishing properties. So the final outcome of Black Hills Gold by Landstrom's® and Mt. Rushmore Gold® will be more durable because of its 10k strength and will tarnish less due to the 24k gold bath it receives.

So in essence black hills gold by these companies mentioned  are a higher quality jewelry then your average jewelry being mass produced and are less likely to tarnish.

  Every piece of Black Hills Gold comes with a Lifetime Guarantee because the processes are of a superior quality. When you do need to clean your Black Hills Gold make sure to check out our upcoming blog post about the best way to clean your Black Hills Gold Jewelry.

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