How many karats is Black Hills Gold?

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Black Hills Gold Manufacture F.L. Thorpe started making 14 karat Black Hills Gold in the early 1900's. This karat later was deemed to be very soft for the design to withstand everyday wear. Then it was decided that Black Hills Gold would be better suited for 10 karat gold as this was a more durable approach. Landstrom's Original Black Hills Gold came up with the best process to date. This process included 10 karat as the base,12 karat for the Black Hills Gold leaves and a 24 karat gold dip for the finish.

Landstrom's has the highest quality because of this three gold step process.Other manufactures later used 10 karat for the base and the Black hills Gold leaves. But Landstrom's still maintains the best process. Landstrom's Black Hills Gold is able to withstand wear and tarnish more then the competitions because of the 24 karat dip, the 12 karat Black Hills Gold leaves and the 10 karat gold base.

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